Convert normal speakers or android device into wireless speakers (0)

Turn your android device into wireless speakers

Are you planning to have a wireless speakers at home?.. Then you have to pay a little bit more for your Bluetooth speakers, just think if you have a normal speakers and if you can convert it into a wireless speakers with no extra cost, just if you have an android device and a wifi router that’s enough, ok then let’s start…

Things required:

1.       Normal Speakers.
2.       Wifi router (most of you have one).
3.       Android device (you can use your android phone itself).
4.       And an android app called wifi speaker.
5.       And wifi speaker application for you laptop or desktop.

Download and install:
Download wifi speaker app from google play -  download_link
Download wifi speaker app for your pc – download_link

Connecting your android device to your pc:

Connect your speakers to your android device.

First open the application (wifi server) on your pc, next open the android app and you can find a search button just click the button to search your server that is your pc, if you cannot find any address try again after few seconds, now you can find an address which will be showing the ip as show in the application installed on your pc. Select the address and click on connect (if the address is not shown just type it manually) and now your android device will be connected to the server.

Try to entering into the settings of both the app and try adjusting the server buffering, client buffering, audio format and audio compression. First try adjusting the app’s buffer time, setting it to zero will reduce the breaks in audio if your are running it locally.

1.       The wifi server app should be running on your pc.
2.       For better performance use wifi speaker pro app.