26 December 2013

Convert normal speakers or android device into wireless speakers

Turn your android device into wireless speakers

Are you planning to have a wireless speakers at home?.. Then you have to pay a little bit more for your Bluetooth speakers, just think if you have a normal speakers and if you can convert it into a wireless speakers with no extra cost, just if you have an android device and a wifi router that’s enough, ok then let’s start…

Things required:

1.       Normal Speakers.
2.       Wifi router (most of you have one).
3.       Android device (you can use your android phone itself).
4.       And an android app called wifi speaker.
5.       And wifi speaker application for you laptop or desktop.

Download and install:
Download wifi speaker app from google play -  download_link
Download wifi speaker app for your pc – download_link

Connecting your android device to your pc:

Connect your speakers to your android device.

First open the application (wifi server) on your pc, next open the android app and you can find a search button just click the button to search your server that is your pc, if you cannot find any address try again after few seconds, now you can find an address which will be showing the ip as show in the application installed on your pc. Select the address and click on connect (if the address is not shown just type it manually) and now your android device will be connected to the server.

Try to entering into the settings of both the app and try adjusting the server buffering, client buffering, audio format and audio compression. First try adjusting the app’s buffer time, setting it to zero will reduce the breaks in audio if your are running it locally.

1.       The wifi server app should be running on your pc.
2.       For better performance use wifi speaker pro app.

29 November 2013

How to get photo and location info of a stolen android phone

Another wonderful security app for your android. lockwatch is such an amazing app that it emails the photograph and the gps location if somebody steal your android phone and tries to unlock your phone with a wrong password, or even if somebody tries to unlock your phone in your absence.

How it works

if somebody tries to unlock your phone with a wrong password, it takes a photo of the person being trying to unlock your phone through the front camera and identifies the location using gps and internet and emails the information to your email id, all these operations are done silently without getting noticed.


1) enable the default lock screen feature in your phone no need of thirdparty lock softwares.
2) install and open the app and turn on the alerts.
3) the app does not consumes battery much as it only runs when the wrong password is input.
4) also you can set the app to send emails after number of unlock attempts.
5) the internet should be on to work with this app.


18 November 2013

Find lost android devices!!

Android Device Manager

Are you worried about your android device and confidential data in it? How if you have lost one? How to protect your data on android device and locate it? Here’s the solution, the google app “Android device manager” can do the job for you, if you lose your Android device associated with your Google Account, you can use Android Device Manager to remotely locate and factory reset your devices.

Get Android Device Manager

1. Go to android.com/devicemanager and just login with your google play account. If you're using a Google Apps account, you will sign in to your My Devices page.
2. Click on the lock erase setup and click on send notification.
2. The device associated with your Google Account receive a notification to enable it if it’s turned off.
3. Open the notification to open Android device manager.

Setup Android Device Manager

1. Open  Settings from your device’s apps menu.
2. Touch Android Device Manager.

You can turn on the following options:

a) Remotely locate this device. Remotely locate a device and find its approximate location on Google Maps. For devices running 4.1 and higher, location access must also be enabled. To turn it on, go to Google Settings, Location,  Access location.
b) Allow remote lock and factory reset. Remotely lock or erase all data on your device. You can also change the lock screen passcode. Touch this option, then select Activate to turn on the device administrator.

When your device is located, its approximate location is indicated by a blue circle on the map. The device manager also displays the name of the place where the device is located, the time it was located, and when it was last used.

NOTE : If your device is offline or turned off the google device manager will not provide location

If the device is lost, just login into your google play account from your pc or any other device and select the following options:

Ring. Ring your device at full volume for 5 minutes - even if it’s set to silent or vibrate.
Lock. Lock your device with a new password.
Erase. Perform a factory reset, which permanently deletes all of your data.

If your Android device doesn't appear in Android Device Manager, or if you see Unknown location despite your device being online and running Google Play services version 3.2.25 or higher, follow these steps:

1. Open - Google Settings from your device's apps menu.
2. Touch Android Device Manager.
3. Uncheck Allow remote factory reset.
4. Go to your device's main Settings menu, then touch Apps - All - Google Play services.
5. Touch Clear Data. Note that this action doesn't remove personal data.
6. Go back to Google Settings and select Allow remote factory reset.
7. Restart your device.

Important: If feel that your device has been stolen, contact law enforcement. Don’t attempt to retrieve the device yourself.

01 November 2013

How to Recover AUTO CAD drawings from PDF'S

When it comes to professions in which 2D or 3D design drawings are needed for planning purposes, AutoCAD has long been the program of choice. Landscape designers, architects, engineers and many other professionals rely on this software when rendering structures that they intend to build. And although it is best to draw up these plans in AutoCAD, sometimes it’s not the best format for sharing these ideas. 

For example, if you want to share your plans with a client who has asked you to design a guest house for them, there is a good chance that the client does not have AutoCAD installed on his or her computer. A good idea in such a case would be to convert the drawing into a PDF and then send it to the client. PDF is one of the most universal document formats and no matter what platform your client is using, they will be able to see the PDF just as you have created it. 

But what if you need to convert a PDF back into AutoCAD so you can manipulate the drawing further? This process is not as easy as creating a PDF from an AutoCAD rendering. A great tool to use for such an instance is Able2Extract Professional 8. This industry-leading PDF conversion software converts PDFs into a huge variety of file formats, but conversions to AutoCAD are one of its specialties. 

It comes in really handy for these types of conversion because not only will Able2Extract extract your drawing from a PDF and convert it into an AutoCAD format file, it also gives you enough options to customize the conversion in order to make sure that you don’t have to do a lot of further editing to the drawing before it’s ready to be used. 

Let’s take a look at how it works. 

Start up Able2Extract and click on the “Open” button to locate the PDF file you wish to convert. 


To select the entire drawing for conversion, press the “All” button. 

Now click on the “AutoCAD” button.

You will now be presented with options for tailoring your output to fit your needs. As you see, there are convert PDF to DWG and DXF options. You can also select the color palette based on your preferred AutoCAD color settings and make further edits before committing to the conversion. Once you have set it up the way you want it, click on the “Convert” button. 

And that’s all there really is to it. If you need to convert PDF to AutoCAD, it’s definitely one of the best options available for professional and accurate conversions.
Another great feature of Able2Extract Pro 8 is the fact that it comes with OCR (optical character recognition) technology, which enables you to not only convert native PDFs, but also scanned and image-based PDFs into AutoCAD and a variety of other file formats, of course.
Besides the PDF to AutoCAD conversion option, you can also use the software to convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, image files, text and a variety of open source file formats. All of these conversion types can come in handy on a regular basis, no matter what line of work you’re in.
If you want to try out Able2Extract Professional 8, there is a 7-day free trial. A full, lifetime license for the software costs $129.95, while monthly subscriptions can be purchased for $34.95.


19 October 2013

17 October 2013

Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0x0000 Exception at bcbdad73h autocad error

Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0x0000 Exception at bcbdad73h

AutoCAD Solution Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0x0000 Exception at bcbdad73h

If you see exception error (crash) from your Autodesk software, this issue is not related to the AutoCAD, but rather it is from Microsoft’s .Net and the Operating System. The solution has been published in the Autodesk Support Solutions also.


Fatal errors usually indicate a program corruption or a corruption with something in the operating system.

There are several ways to address the problem.

Step 1:

Reset the program:

Click the Windows Start button.
Click All Programs.
Open the Autodesk folder.
Open the AutoCAD Folder.
Click Reset Settings to Default.
Test the program.
Rebuild the user profile in Windows.

Step 2:

Uninstall and reinstall .NET.

Uninstall .NET using the Control Panel and install the same version from Microsoft.

Step 3:

Turn off Hardware Acceleration:

Right-click the icon on your desktop.
Click Properties.
Access the Shortcut tab.
In the Target field, after *.exe", type a space and enter /NOHARDWARE

"C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2014\acad.exe"  /product ACAD /language "en-US
"C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2014\acad.exe"  /NOHARDWARE /product ACAD /language "en-US

Click OK and retest.
If this works, remove the /NOHARDWARE switch and update your graphics driver.
In most cases an updated driver works.
In some cases, if an updated driver does not work, leave the /NOHARDWARE switch in place.

Step 4:

Update the drivers for the video card.

09 October 2013

Free Mp3 Downloads..

Download mp3’s for free….?

Are you searching for your favorite songs on the internet to download, oops! After hours of searching for the songs didn’t get any results for you,,, don’t worry here is an amazing software from which you can accomplish the task, I mean you get your favorite songs saved into your harddisk!, yes you can do this by using REPLAY MUSIC mp3 recorder.

Replay Music can download MP3’S from any online radio stations, streaming music videos, streaming mp3’s and more. And also it can tag the artist, album, song and genre information with it.

Replay Music features :
Mp3’s can be saved in high quality
Tag album info
Record music from any Website
Record music from videos too!
Accurate songs splitting

So What are you waiting for, just download Replay Music, install and start saving your favorite mp3 files.

1. First download the app from here 
2. Double click the downloaded exe file, (for windows vista, windows 7 and windows 8 users right click and say run as administrator,)
3. Just follow the installation process and complete it.
4. Next open the Replay music app.
    (make sure that you open replay music app before you open the browser)
5. Next open the website from which you want to save the track.
6. Once you are ready with songs list opened, before playing it, click on the start recording option on the replay music app.

7. Next you will get an setting window in which you can enter genre, album name’s etc, or you can just say ok to the window.

8. Now you start playing the music on the webpage which you had opened earlier.
    Just watch the recording process on the replay music app, wait till the song finishes.

    (Once the streaming finishes, the song will be converted into mp3’s)
9. Once you have finished playing all your songs, click on stop recording from the replay music app.

10. Next in the replay music window, right click on the songs list and select open track folder, and there you can find your mp3 files saved.

Enjoy your favorite music offline!!